About us

The Meaning of JAKLAR

JAKLAR Positive Vibes was founded out of pure passion for windsurfing – It is a never ending love story. It is about more than just windsurfing, though. “JAKLAR!” is an expression uttered by people who believe in leading a life filled with positive vibes fueled by the sport that they love. It is a community that strives to unify board sports of all kinds through the common thread of passion.

Just like the sport that started it all, JAKLAR has ‘gone with the flow’. We did not set our sights on any particular goal. This open-minded philosophy has enabled us to facilitate progression of the sport while continuing to include all-comers who are simply doing whatever it is that brings fun and joy to their lives. We simply say: “JAKLAR!” Never take life for granted, enjoy every single moment, and spread the positive vibes…!!

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