What we do


In a world where everything is so extremly fast-moving, it is getting more and more important to be on-site with us and share live events. JAKLAR Live – a pioneer in the watersports event industry – is continuing to expand the live broadcastings during events.

Positive Vibes

JAKLAR stands for positivity,

being optimistic, to show emotions and to

be passionate, but also to be funny, crazy and

for sure a little cheeky at times too.

In the end our main goal is to spread

positive vibes.

Connecting Boardsports

Our aim is to focus on the professionals!

As they are the ones who put the sport in a certain spotlight. We, the JAKLAR Team, want to make everyone aware of what is possible, if you are passionate about your sport. We want to show that one can attract and impress people by simply expressing authentic behaviour!





No Plan Action!

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